This is a short chronology of when and how Dicey Reillys Irish Bar became one of the most important references in the nightlife in Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria).

June 2003: Took place the first try out to build a proper Irish Bar on the front side of Puerto Rico Shopping Centre on a place that was totally close down in the past 3 years. A total challenge .

August 2003: Took place the first rebuild and became much bigger place to host even more tourists.

May 2004: Next door to Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar, in the place of the former English Premiership Bar, was established the Hoops Bar. The authentic Celtic Bar for the true celtic supporters. The place was totally rebuild. See the pictures below to see the transformation.



For more The Hoops Bar pictures, please click here.

March 2005: Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar promote the first St. Patricks Day Parade that took place in Gran Canaria. See the pictures bellow or visit the Pictures gallery on the main menu to get more details.


February 2006: Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar install the first the electronic screen in Puerto Rico, the intention was to make the Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar more and more visible when the tourist approach the front side of the Shopping Centre. With a total surface of 16 sqm the display can be seen from a kilometre away.

March 2006: Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar one more time, participates on the second St. Patricks Day Parade that took place in Playa del Inglés, this time 2 buses were booked (over 100 people) to transport our customers from Puerto Rico to Playa del Ingles. And then in the night time when the Parade was finnish all the way back to Puerto Rico, the craig was at our Bar.


February 2007: Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar and The Hoops Bar join together to become the biggest and more elegant Irish establishment in the south of Gran Canaria. A total surface of 300 sqm plus two sides terrace with sit ups for over 300 people.


March 2007: Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar participate once again on St. Patricks Day Parade on its 3rd Edition becoming one of the most important irish references on the south of Gran Canaria.

 March 2008: Dicey Reilly´s Irish Bar celebrates all day through St. Patricks Day at Puerto Rico, with a free Barbacue, live music and the best atmosphere was the only Bar in Puerto Rico that host the event. At the night time the atmosphere was amazing, a Paddys Day to remember.