10th Anniversary


On Tuesday the 18th of June will take place Dicey Reillys Irish Bar their 10th Annivesary.

The programme will include free t-shirts with a special design of the celebration and lots of party bags will be given away.

Also live on stage, the night will be hosted by the compere Irish Thomas, follow by top Irish artist Finbarr Noonan, all the way from Cork. So if in Puerto Rico on holidays don´t miss the chance to enjoy with us a very special celebration. It´s gonna be the party to top all parties as Dicey Reillys Irish Bar has gone from streath to streath and we are looking forward to seeing all the old and new faces.

Puertorico-tonight.com will publish all the pictures of the event the following day.


To get an idea what the atmosphere will be like, please click here to visit last year 9th Anniversary, Thanks.